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IBM Ленточный накопитель DDS Generation 5 SATA Tape Drive (43W8480)

Цена: 35140 руб

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Артикул: 43W8480
Доставка по Москве: бесплатная
IBM Ленточный накопитель DDS Generation 5 SATA Tape Drive (43W8480)

Form Factor: 3.5" & 5.25" Half-Height Internal Drive

Capacity: 36 GB (72 GB compressed) capacity

Performance: 3.5 MB/s (7 MB/s compressed) transfer rate

Backward Compatibility: Read/Write compatible with DDS-4 and DDS-3

Interface: SATA

TapeShield technology: Basis for the highest reliability among DDS drives. This technology incorporates 3 individual design elements: a sealed chamber for the head-to-tape interface, a sapphire media-cleaning blade and a continuous-contact capstan cleaning pad. These design features unite to dramatically reduce airborne and media contaminants that can gather along the tape path.

SmartShield technology: Unique feature that enhances data recovery from DDS-3, DDS-4 and DDS Gen 5 tapes This technology is a unique combination of hardware and firmware that allows the drive to read media that may have been over-used or written to in a marginal data track alignment.

Part number: 43W8480

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