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Garner CDS-2700 Professional Degausser

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Артикул: CDS-2700

As high coercivity magnetic media becomes the industry standard, the lower energy degaussers currently in use are now insufficient for high coercivity media. Garner, the leader in degaussing equipment for over 20 years, answers with its NSA type 1 approved CDS-2700.
The CDS-2700 is designed to be used either as part of a production line, or as a stand alone unit to erase high volumes of video cassettes, diskettes, data storage cartridges and other magnetic material.



  • NSA approval; type 1

  • Continuous through-put of media; thousands of units  per hour.

  • Uses fewer amperes at a lower voltage than other continuous running degaussers .

  • Does not require additional cooling equipment to provide continuous operation.

  • Photoelectric sensor and variable speed motor are standard.


  • Safety features include 24VAC control circuits and fail-safe alarm system which monitors erase field strength and coil temperature.




Depth of Erasure:

-90 dB from saturation level, high coercivity tape.

Continuous Run:

100% Duty Cycle

Belt Speed:

0-6 ips standard; variable speed.

Erasure Time:

Two seconds effective erase time when continuously feeding magnetic material; Approx. 3000 VHS tapes per hour.

Degaussing Force:

2400 Oersteds


220-240VAC (Selectable)
50/60 Hz (Specify)


Net: 480 Lbs



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