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Proton 1090 Degausser Eraser

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Артикул: Proton 1090
Your first defense in floppy diskette control.

The 1090 provides the maximum control in data protection for both standard density (325 oersted) and high-density (750+ oersted) media in 5"¼, 3"½ and smaller floppy formats.

The Proton 1090 is a safe, shielded device. Unlike other degaussers with "bare" magnets, the 1090 cannot accidentally ruin other magnetic media that may be near. The 1090 does not require a skilled operator to insure proper declassification of the target data. A simple pass through the 1090 aperture insures complete, effective erasure.

Proton 1090 is on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List
Technical Specifications
Case Material:
Disk Capacity:
Stray Field:
Power Req:
Erasure level:
Magnetic Flux Density (G):
Magnetic Field Intensity (Oe):

Tempered Steel
8"¼L x 2"½H x 4"W
5 lbs.
5"½ 3"½ and smaller up to .250 thick
Less than 5 Gauss at 6"
NONE - Fixed Magnetic
-90 db or better coercivity (Std. density) below peak write level
3,800 Gauss
1,267 Oe

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