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Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 36/72GB

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Артикул: PowerVault 100T DAT72
Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 36/72GB








The Dell™ PowerVault™ 100T DDS-4 Tape Drive is a high capacity data storage device using 4 mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape) technology. With a combination of data compression and compaction, the tape drive offers a native capacity of up to 20 GB (40 GB assuming a 2:1 compression ratio) and a sustained user data transfer rate of up to 2.75 MBps (up to 5.5 MBps with 2:1 compression). It stores data on tape using a standard format called DDS (Digital Data Storage). The drive achieves high data reliability through read-after-write capability and three levels of error correction code. It is read and write compatible with the DDS-4, DDS-3, DDS-2, DDS-1 and DDS-DC tape formats. In DDS-1 and DDS-DC mode, the tape drive supports 90 meter media. This product is supported by Dell™ Technical Support when used with a Dell™ system.

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