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[EXB-8500] EXABYTE 5GB, 8mm, Internal Tape Drive, 5.25" Full Height, SCSI-2

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Артикул: EXB-8500

About the EXB-8500 and EXB-8500c

The EXB-8500 and EXB-8500c 8mm tape drives
use helical-scan recording technology and read-and-write 
head pairs to achieve an uncompressed data transfer rate 
of 500 KB/sec. The EXB-8500c extends the performance 
of the EXB-8500 to a 10 GB capacity at a 1 MB/sec transfer 
rate (compressed). The EXB-8500 reads and writes 8200 
and 8500 formats; the EXB-8500c writes 8200, 8200c, 8500, 
and 8500c data formats. The tape drives are designed to perform
onboard error correction and error recovery, along with full 
read-after-write verification to ensure data integrity.
The tape drives are available in two configurations: as internal
tape drives and as external drives that provide the convenience of a standalone peripheral.

Data handling


(8mm EXATAPE, 112m)

EXB-8500: 5 GB
EXB-8500c: 10 GB (compressed)*

Recording method:


Compression method:

Improved Data Recording Capability compression algorithm

Data transfer rate:

500 KB/sec, uncompressed
1 MB/sec, compressed*

Device reliability (mean time between failures):

MTBF: 40,000 hours

Data integrity:

BER: <1 in 1017 bits
Reed Solomon ECC


Tape Control


Search rate:

37.5 MB/sec, uncompressed
75 MB/sec, compressed*

Rewind speed:

32.7 IPS (75 times nominal)

* Compressed capacity based on typical 2:1 compression ratio. Ratio depends on type of data.


Host interface:

SCSI-1 and SCSI-2


Operating temperature: