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Quantum DLT 2000XT 15/30 GB External

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Артикул: Quantum DLT 2000XT

Mid-range computer systems, network servers, and
high-end workstations are the backbone of many
businesses and institutions today. These systems
handle a wide range of mission-critical work, from the
 high-volume processing of customer transactions to
 the design and engineering of new products. Quantum
 developed the DLT 2500XT half-inch cartridge tape drive
 to preserve and protect the crucial data these systems
 generate - quickly, easily, dependably, and cost-effectively.
 With the pressure to get the job done faster increasing in every
 industry, the Quantum DLT 2500XT drive has the performance people
 demand. It features a 1.25 megabytes per second native sustained transfer
rate with a native storage capacity of 75 gigabytes (GB) per cartridge. Add data
compression and you can boost capacity to 150 GB with a transfer rate of 2.5 megabytes (MB) per
second. As a result, the DLT 2500XT drive delivers one of the industry's best combinations of performance, capacity, and price. 


Key Features
Tape Type DLT
Native Capacity 15 GB
Interface Type SCSI
Enclosure Type External
Technical Features
Native Data Transfer Rate 1.25 MBps
Compressed Capacity 30 GB
Data Transfer Rate - Compressed 2.5 MBps
SCSI Signaling Type Single-ended (SE)

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