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Стример Compaq DLT 35/70GB,internal tape drive,5.2

Цена: 93590 руб

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Артикул: Compaq DLT 35/70G






Built with the same advanced linear recording technology, precision tape guiding system, and adaptive control mechanism proven successful in previous generations of DLTtape drives, the DLT 7000 was the first to employ the innovative Symmetric Phase Recording Technique and the four channel recording system. An ideal choice for intense data backup, archiving and near online storage applications for mid-range computers, network servers, high-end workstations and mainframe environments running Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX or proprietary operating systems.

  • Native capacity of 35GB at 5MB/s 2:1
  • Compression allows 70GB at 10MB/s
  • Read and Write backward compatible with previous
  • DLTtape formats 4 read/write channels for high performance
  • Open system, supported by many manufacturers 200,000 hours
  • MTBF at 100% duty cycle 30,000 hour head life
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