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Sun StorageTek T9940B Tape Drive

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Артикул: StorageTek T9940B
Sun StorageTek T9940B Tape Drive

he T9940 with VolSafe media cartridges and the result in a cost-effective, highly reliable archiving solution that helps address the most stringent electronic storage regulatory and legal requirements, including those of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Access Time*
Tape load and thread to ready
18 sec (formatted)

Average file access time (first file) 41 sec

Average access time 59 sec

Maximum/average rewind time 90/45 sec

Unload time 18 sec

Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed) 30 MB/sec

Data transfer rate, native (compressed) 70 MB/sec
Capacity, native (uncompressed) 200 GB
Mean time between failures (MTBF) Power on
  • 290,000 hr @ 100% duty cycle
Tape load
  • 240,000 hr @ 10 loads/day (100,000 loads)
Tape path motion
  • 196,000 hr @ 70% TPM duty cycle
Head life
  • 8.5 yr @ 70% TPM duty cycle
Uncorrected bit error rate
  • 1x10-18
Undetected bit error rate
  • 1x10-33
Interface 2-Gb Fibre Channel, ESCON, ESCON for VSM, 2-Gb FICON for FICON and FICON express channels

Burst transfer rate Channel rate (Fibre Channel)
  • 200 MB/sec (maximum instantaneous)
  • (Fibre Channel) N & NL port, FC-PLDA (Hard and soft AL-PA capability), FC-AL-2 FCP-2, FC-TAPE

Read/write compatibility interface Proprietary format

Emulation modes Native, T9940A, 3490E, 3590
Height 3.25 (8.25 cm)

Depth 25.0 in (63.5 cm)
Temperature Operating
  • +59° to +90° F (+15° to +32° C)
  • +59° to +90° F (+15° to +32° C)

Relative humidity Operating
  • 20%–80%
  • 10%–95%
Voltage 100–240 VAC @ 50–60 Hz

Power consumption/dissipation (operating maximum continuous — not peak) 82 VA/280 BTU/hr
Notes * The actions of the tape drive can be divided into four distinct phases: Phase 1: Load time — the amount of time required to insert a cartridge in the drive, load the tape and prepare to read, write or search. Phase 2: Average file access time — the amount of time required to search from the beginning of the tape to the midpoint; does not include load time. Phase 3: Maximum rewind time — the amount of time required to rewind the tape from the end to the beginning of the tape. The average rewind time is the time to rewind a tape from the midpoint to the beginning, i.e. one-half of the maximum rewind time. Phase 4: Unload time — the amount of time required to eject the cartridge from the drive.
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