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StorageTek T9840C Tape Drive

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Артикул: StorageTek T9840C
StorageTek T9840C Tape Drive

StorageTek T9840C Tape Drive

Features and Benefits

The T9840C sets the standard for fast data access, fast recall and high throughput cost-effectively in data intensive, heavy duty cycle environments.

Key Benefits

  • The T9840C’s fast access meets data storage needs affordably and minimizes the need for higher cost disk
  • Mix and match tape drives in Sun StorageTek libraries and achieve the optimum balance of access and capacity
  • Robust design delivers enterprise-class ultra-reliability and minimizes the risk of downtime
  • Improves resource and space utilization with high data capacities on a single cartridge

Improve availability, reliability and accessibility

Increase reliability

Like all StorageTek enterprise-class T-series tape drives, the T9840C is designed exclusively for high-duty cycles in automation environments. It delivers exceptional reliability in even the harshest operating conditions.

Enhance data accessibility

The T9840’s industry-leading average data access time of 12 seconds provides quick access to your data when its’ needed and meets service level requirements at a lower TCO.

Facilitate compliance with regulatory demands

The T9840 tape drive family supports Sun’s StorageTek VolSafe media cartridges, the industry’s premier non-erasable, non-rewriteable, tape-based write once read many (WORM) storage solution. Once information is written to tape, additional information can then be added or read as often as needed, but never changed, modified or deleted.

Simplify storage management and increase productivity

Make it simple, yet have choices

The T9840 family of drives reduces complexity by allowing data management for multiple platforms and applications from a central location. It provides interface flexibility with native Fibre Channel, ESCON and FICON connectivity options. And simultaneous vaulting at remote sites increases business continuity options.

Increase IT productivity

The T9840C boosts data transfer speeds across the enterprise, shortening batch times in mainframe environments and reducing backup windows in open systems environments. Protect more data in less time and still provide users with quick access to information.

Leverage existing IT infrastructures

Currently using StorageTek T9840 drives? Simply reformat existing cartridges to store higher capacities and apply your media budget to the purchase of other storage assets.

Performance - Access Time*
Tape load and thread to ready 4 sec

Average file access time (first file) 8 sec

Average access time 12 sec

Maximum/average rewind time 16/8 sec

Unload time 4 sec

Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed) 30 MB/sec

Data transfer rate, native (compressed) 70 MB/sec
Capacity, native (uncompressed) 40 GB
Availability - Mean time between failures (MTBF)
Power on 290,000 hr @ 100% duty cycle

Tape load 240,000 hr @ 10 loads/day (100,000 loads)

Tape path motion 216,000 hr @ 70% TPM duty cycle

Head life 8.5 yr @ 70% TPM duty cycle

Uncorrected bit error rate 1x10-18

Undetected bit error rate 1x10-33
Interface 2-Gb Fibre Channel, ESCON, ESCON for VSM, 2-Gb FICON for FICON and FICON Express channels

Burst transfer rate - Channel rate (Fibre Channel) 200 MB/sec (maximum instantaneous)

Burst transfer rate - Interface (Fibre Channel) N & NL port, FC-PLDA (Hard and soft AL-PA capability), FC-AL-2 FCP-2, FC-TAPE

Read/write compatibility interface Proprietary format

Emulation modes Native, 3490E, 3590
Height 5.25 (13.3 cm)

Depth 15.0 in (38.1 cm)
Temperature - Operating +59° to +90° F (+15° to +32° C)

Temperature - Non-operating +50° to +104° F (+10° to +40° C)

Relative humidity - Operating 20%–80%

Relative humidity - Non-operating 10%–95%
Voltage 100–240 VAC @ 50–60 Hz

Power consumption/dissipation (operating maximum continuous — not peak) 82 VA/280 BTU/hr
Notes * The actions of the tape drive can be divided into four distinct phases: Phase 1: Load time — the amount of time required to insert a cartridge in the drive, load the tape and prepare to read, write or search. Phase 2: Average file access time — the amount of time required to search from the beginning of the tape to the midpoint; does not include load time. Phase 3: Maximum rewind time — the amount of time required to rewind the tape from the end to the beginning of the tape. The average rewind time is the time to rewind a tape from the midpoint to the beginning, i.e. one-half of the maximum rewind time. Phase 4: Unload time — the amount of time required to eject the cartridge from the drive.
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