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Super DLT Tape Drive

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Артикул: Super DLT Tape
Super DLT Tape Drives

Reduce complexity and increase manageability

The DLTSage™ suite of management tools adds intelligence to the SDLT 600 tape drive. Through predictive and preventive maintenance diagnostic offerings, tape storage management is improved and simplified.

Mitigate risk

Be compliant with the law. Quantum’s DLTIce™ Storage Down Cold technology works in conjunction with DLTSage™ and the SDLT 600 tape drive to provide a versatile storage solution. Leverage the same tape drive and standard media for help with regulatory compliance as well as traditional backup and archiving.

Increase compatibility

The SDLT 600 tape drive is available with two-gigabit optical Fibre Channel or LVD Ultra 160 SCSI interface. The SDLT 320 is available with the HVD or LVD SCSI interface.

Technical compatibility

SDLT drives are available in both desktop and rackmount standalone configurations, as well as in Sun StorageTek tape automation platforms. They are compatible with leading backup and management software. The SDLT 600 tape drive reads information stored on SuperDLTtape 1 cartridges. The SDLT 320 tape drive provides backward read/write compatibility with SDLT 220 tape drives, and backward-read compatible with multiple DLT technologies using DLTtape IV cartridges.

Performance - Access Time*

SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Tape load and thread to ready 12 sec (formatted); 40 sec (unformatted) 12 sec (formatted); 40 sec (unformatted)

Average file access time (first file) 70 sec 79 sec

Maximum/average rewind time 140/69 sec 140/69 sec

Unload time 12 sec 19 sec

Data transfer rate, native (uncompressed) 16 MB/sec 36 MB/sec
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Capacity, native (uncompressed) 160 GB 300 GB
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Mean time between failures (MTBF) - Power on 250,000 hr @ 100% duty cycle 250,000 hr @ 100% duty cycle

Head life 30,000 hr 30,000 hr

Uncorrected bit error rate 1x10-17 (calculated) 1x1027 (calculated)

Undetected bit error rate 1x10-27 1x10-27
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Interface Ultra 2 SCSI Ultra 2 SCSI or FC-2

Burst transfer rate LVD 80 MB/sec, HVD 40 MB/sec LVD 160 MB/sec, FC 200 MB/sec

Read/write compatibility interface Read/write: SDLT 320Read only: DLT 4000/7000/8000 Read only: SDLT 320
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Height & Depth 3.24 x 5.74 x 8.37 in (82.3 x 145.8 x 212.4 cm) 3.25 x 5.75 x 8.48 in (82.6 x 14.1 x 215.4 cm)
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Temperature - Operating +50° to +104° F (+10° to +40° C) +50° to +104° F (+10° to +40° C)

Temperature - Non-operating -40° to +151° F (-40° to +66° C) -40° to +151° F (-40° to +66° C)

Relative humidity - Operating 20%–80% 20%–80%

Relative humidity - Non-operating 10%–95% 10%–95%
SDLT 320

SDLT 600

Voltage 100–240 VAC @ 50–60 Hz, +5 VDC, +12 VDC 117 VAC @ 60 Hz, +5 VDC, +12 VDC

Power consumption/dissipation (operating maximum continuous — not peak) 58 VA/198 BTU/hr 70 VA/239 BTU/hr
Notes * The actions of the tape drive can be divided into four distinct phases: Phase 1: Load time — the amount of time required to insert a cartridge in the drive, load the tape and prepare to read, write or search. Phase 2: Average file access time — the amount of time required to search from the beginning of the tape to the midpoint; does not include load time. Phase 3: Maximum rewind time — the amount of time required to rewind the tape from the end to the beginning of the tape. The average rewind time is the time to rewind a tape from the midpoint to the beginning, i.e. one-half of the maximum rewind time. Phase 4: Unload time — the amount of time required to eject the cartridge from the drive.
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