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Sun StorageTek T10000B Tape Drive

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Артикул: T10000B
Sun StorageTek T10000B Tape Drive

StorageTek T10000B Tape Drive

Closed, proprietary storage can lock you in and limit your flexibility and scalability. The StorageTek T10000B tape drive lets you cost-effectively add capacity in the same footprint, enabling you to easily and dynamically scale your infrastructure.

Key Specifications

  • 1 TB native data capacity
  • 120 MB/sec throughput
  • Built in encryption technology
  • Supports FICON and Fibre Channel using the same hardware

          Tape load and thread:           16 sec          

          Average file access (excludes load/thread):           46 sec (12 sec for Sport Cartridge)            

      Maximum rewind:          91 sec (23 sec for Sport Cartridge)          

          Average rewind:           48 sec (13 sec for Sport Cartridge)          

          Unload time:           23 sec          

          Data transfer rate (uncompressed):           120 MB/sec          

          Data transfer rate, (compressed, maximum):           360 MB/sec (4 Gb Interface)


          Capacity, native (uncompressed):           1 TB (240 GB for Sport Cartridge)


          Archive life:           30 years          

          Error Correction Capability (ECC):           1 x 10-19          

          Drive loads/unloads:           >100,000


          Interface:           4 Gb Fibre Channel, FICON          

          Burst transfer rate (uncompressed):           240 MB/sec          

          Channel rate, uncompressed sustained (Fibre Channel):           120 MB/sec          

          Interface specifications (Fibre Channel):           N and NL port, FC-AL-2, FCP-2, FC-tape, 4 Gb FC          

          Read/write compatibility interface:           T10000 format          

          Emulation modes:           3592 (MVS), VSM


          Height:           3.5 in. (8.89 cm)          

          Depth:           16.75 in. (42.55 cm)          

          Width:           5.75 in. (14.61 cm)


          Operating Temperature:           +50° F to +104° F (+10° C to +40° C)          

          Non-operating (storage) temperature:           +50° F to +104° F (+10° C to +40° C)          

          Operating Relative humidity:           20% to 80%          

          Non-operating Relative humidity:           10% to 95%

Tape format

          Format:           Linear serpentine


          Consumption/dissipation (operating maximum continuous - not peak):           63 W (drive only) and 90 W (including power supply)/420 BTU/hr          

          Voltage:           88–264 VAC @ 48–63 Hz


          Encryption:           The crypto-ready StorageTek T10000B tape drive works in conjunction with the Sun Crypto Key Management Channel rate, uncompressed sustained (Fibre Channel) 120 MB/sec System (KMS). The KMS delivers a simple, secure, centralized solution for managing the keys used to Interface specifications (Fibre Channel) N and NL port, FC-AL-2, FCP-2, FC-tape, 4 Gb FC encrypt and decrypt data written by the T10000B tape drive. Developed on open security standards, the Read/write compatibility interface T10000 format KMS consists of the Key Management Appliance, a security-hardened Sun Fire x2100 M2 rackmounted server and the KMS Manager graphical user interface (GUI) that is executed on a workstation. The KMS runs without regard to application, operating platform, or primary storage device. It complies with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certification. Requirements and specifications may change, so check with your Sun representative.

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