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HP SureStore T20e external tape drive Travan TR-5,10/20GB, SCSI-2,

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Артикул: SureStore T20e


You know better than anyone that your company's success depends on the integrity of its data. In an age driven by information, your data is your livelihood. You also know that there are lots of threats to your data out there: human error, drive malfunctions, viruses, power surges, theft. The list goes on and on. Not to worry though; Hewlett Packard provides a low-cost and easy solution for backing up your small network or PC server with the T20e. With the included software, the T20e allows you to back up as much as 20GB of compressed data at rates as high as 120MB per minute. That's as much as 7.2GB in an hour. Plus with the Auto-throttle feature, the data rate of the drive automatically matches the computer's data rate so that the drive constantly runs at optimum speed. The drive's bundled software includes solutions for companies looking to back up their Windows NT and NetWare servers, PC workstations, peer-to-peer networks, as well as SCO UNIX servers. If you are looking to ba...


Key Features
Tape Type Travan
Native Capacity 10 GB
Interface Type SCSI
Enclosure Type External
Technical Features
Native Data Transfer Rate 1 MBps
Compressed Capacity 20 GB
Data Transfer Rate - Compressed 2 MBps
System Requirements
Platform PC
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows NT, Novell NetWare
Height 2.21 in.
Width 5.79 in.
Depth 8.2 in.
Weight 1.76 lb.
Warranty 2 Years
Package Qty. 1
Product ID 20164272

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