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Garner CDS-105 Dataraser Professional Degausser

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Артикул: CDS-105
Data processing and audio tape managers in hundreds of organizations have discovered the advantages of degaussing computer and recording media with the CDS-105 Dataraser. If your data processing center or tape library doesn't have one yet, consider these important benefits:

Information Security

The CDS-105 Dataraser provides 100% erasure on all types of data reels, data cartridges, diskettes and audio tapes. Proprietary information is quickly and easily erased before reusing or disposing of media. Once degaussed on the Dataraser 105, the data is destroyed and cannot be recovered.

Inventory Savings

The CDS-105 Dataraser erases media to its original blank condition in a single, five-second pass. Increased reuse of data cartridges, 10 1/2 inch data reels, diskettes and audio cassettes significantly reduces the cost of purchasing new media. (Will not erase metal tape formats such as 4mm, 8mm or DAT.)

Program Integrity

The CDS-105 Dataraser allows data processors to completely erase media, providing confidence that old, unwanted data will not affect new data storage. Audio tape users rely on the CDS-105 Dataraser to erase old programs prior to re-recording. Degaussing assures new recordings are not contaminated by prior signals.




    Complete erasure of data cartridges, 10 1/2" reels, diskettes and audio cassettes


    Fast, reliable conveyor system


    Security key lock


    Automatic thermal cutoff


    Erasure level to -80 dB

  • One-year limited warranty



27 1/2" (69.9 cm)


16" (40.6 cm)


5" (12.7 cm)


80 lbs. (33.6 kg)

Max. Reel Diameter

10 1/2" (26.7cm)


120VAC 60Hz 6A Circuit
230VAC 50Hz 4A Circuit

Conveyor Speed:

Four inches per second.

Erasure Level:

-80 dB nominal

Method of Operation:

Magnetic material is carried on a continuous conveyor belt over high-flux coils and are deposited at the end of the machine.

Thermal Protection:

Overheating is prevented by automatic cutoff switch, which reactivates after cool-down period.

Optional Magnetic Field Cover:

Prevents operator from removing media before it reaches the end of the conveyor to ensure complete erasure.

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