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Garner CDS-4000FS Eliminator Professional Degausser

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Артикул: CDS-4000FS

Today's magnetic recording formats allow for more data storage, better video resolution, less video noise and higher frequency recording. The problem is these super-high coercivity media formats - 2400 oersteds for tape and 3000 oersteds for hard drives - are increasing and are very difficult to erase.  Conventional tape erasers just can't do it.  The solution is the CDS-4000FS Eliminator!

The CDS-4000FS Eliminator erases metal particle tape to -80dB (like new) in 12 seconds or less. IT departments will be able to erase the data including all format and control track information on DLT's allowing them to be re-used in other DLT drives.  Further, IT departments are increasing there data security by degaussing hard drives before disposing of or transferring hard drives out of a secured environment. 

Please note:
  Degaussing of hard drives erases all data, formatting and the factory installed magnetic servo tracks located on the hard disc platters.  Therefore, the hard drive will be unusable after degaussing.

Broadcasters, video professionals and data centers save money through erasing and reusing their metal tape. And they don't sacrifice program integrity because the CDS-4000FS Eliminator provides like new erasure quality.

The world's leading tape manufacturers recommend the CDS-4000FS Eliminator. This is because it features patented technology that eliminates excessive heating of aluminum hard drive casings, metal cassette parts and reels that can damage tape. And this is done without compromising erasure quality.

The CDS-4000FS Eliminator will erase all formats including: Hard Drives, One-inch Tape Reels, VHS, U-Matic, S-VHS, MII, D1, D2, D3, D5, 4MM, 8MM, DLT, HI8, DAT, DIGITAL BETACAM SP, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DIGITAL-S, HDTV and MIRROR IMAGE.

The popular CDS-4000FS Eliminator digital tape degausser is incorporates electro-magnetic field (EMF) shielding. The specially designed shielding reduces radiated EMFs by more than fifty-percent. The simple to operate CDS-4000FS Eliminator is the first conveyor belt style bulk degausser to offer EMF shielding. Now bulk degausser users can greatly reduce their exposure to EMFs without compromising tape erasing quality or productivity. This is a welcomed development for many broadcasters and production facilities that have standardized on the CDS-4000FS Eliminator.




    Complete erasure of all data, formatting and control track information from working and non-working hard drives.


    Fast, reliable conveyor system.


    Complete erasure of all metal particle tape cassettes and  reels.


    Ergonomically designed for operator efficiency.


    Strong degauss force without the heating and vibration of metal parts and reels.


    EMF Shielding.


    One-year limited warranty.


    Extended warranty available.



Degaussing Force:

4000 oersteds

Belt Speed:

2.7 ips

Erasure Time:

12 seconds for two passes (6 seconds in volume)

Erasure Depth:

Analog audio tracks, 1500 oersted video cassettes in protective case
-80dB, 700 Hz Tone
-90dB, 700 Hz Tone, Four Passes

Window Opening:

10.7 x 1.4 inches


Run Time Before Overheat:

30 minutes from start (with proper operating procedure; nearly continuous use)



Power on/off breaker
Stop/Standby switch
Erase switch



Power lamp
Temperature lamp
Field strength meter



Main circuit breaker
Fused control circuits
Automatic thermal protection


Power Requirements:

18A @ 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
single phase (30 Amp circuit required)



27.4-inch width
28.6-inch depth
16.7-inch height


Net - 395 lbs. (179 kg)
Shipping - 430 lbs. (195 kg)

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