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Garner PD-8400 Hard Drive Physical Destroyer

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Артикул: PD-8400

The PD-8400 Physical Destroyer physically breaks the hard drive ensuring the information contained on the hard drive is no longer accessible.

The PD-8400 meets compliance standards for mandates requiring destruction of hard drives containing private and confidential information before hard drive disposal.

The PD-8400 is designed to physically destroy hard drives in order to prevent persons from being able to "spin" the hard drive up to retrieve data. The PD-8400 will automatically bend, break and mangle the hard drive making the hard drive easily distinguishable from non destroyed hard drives - ensuring the  disposal of the correct hard drive.

The PD-8400 works as a stand alone or together with our HDTD-8200, HDTD-8300, HDTD-8750, HD-1 or CDS-4000FS hard drive degaussers. Degaussers will ensure the complete erasure, demagnetization, of the information prior to destruction by the PD-8400. This is the ultimate combination in data security.

The PD-8400 will automatically destroy all formats and sizes of hard drives including SCSI and IDE. The PD-8400 doesn't rely on software, therefore it will destroy all hard drives in seconds. A simple push of a button will ensure complete destruction and ensure your data will not be retrieved.

To further enhance the PD-8400's portability, we include a convenient carrying case. This allows the PD-8400 to be easily transported to where the media is, thus reducing the risk of confidential data leaving a secure area.

New security and privacy mandates now require complete erasure or destruction of media containing private and confidential information prior to the re-use or disposal of the media.


  • Physically destroys hard drives to prevent the retrieval of information.

  • Ensures correct identification of hard drives prior to disposal.

  • Prevents unauthorized access of hard drive.

  • Quick & Quiet operation.

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