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Proton PPD-1 Destroyer

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Артикул: Proton PPD-1

The PPD-1 is designed to physically destroy all standard hard drives without the use of power in 8 seconds or less. Operation is easy. Simply insert the hard drive into the slot and crank the handle 8 rotations. The internal workings of the unit press down on the drive, bending it approximately 90 degrees. The PPD-1 does not require the handle to be cranked backwards to reset the "bender". It resets automatically, requiring the operator to turn the handle in only one direction. A ratcheting feature is also included that makes it even easier to destroy unusually hard-to-break hard drives or if a high quantity of drives need to be processed.

NOTE: To comply with recognized standards, including NSA/DoD regulations, a degausser must be used prior to destroying hard drives. In a typical national security operation, a destroyer is used in conjunction with a NSA approved degausser. Using a degausser is the only way to guarantee all data on hard drives and other magnetic media is completely unrecoverable. This is because it is possible to recover data from a mere piece of a hard drive that has not been degaussed. See Proton's full line of degaussers to save on a degausser and destroyer bundle.


  • Compact and rugged design is portable and easily deployable.
  • Less than 8 second cycle time provides fast, safe and reliable hard drive destruction.
  • Specifically designed for emergency situations where power may not be available and quick destruction is required.
  • Provides a "green" energy saving solution for hard drive destruction.
  • Hard drives are bent approximately 90 degrees which bends/ breaks the platters and damages the heads, motor and circuit board.
  • Maintenance free and completely self-contained. There are no messy fluids or external components to deal with and no adjustments or calibration necessary.
  • Tested and used by NSA and DOD for destroying hard drives.
Technical Specifications
Media Destroyed:
Physical Dimensions:
Destruction Method:
Cycle Time:

All standard hard drives (1-inch, .65 inch)
Automatic motor operation (PPD-2); Laptop hard drive adapter; 1.65-inch hard driver adapter; Door cover; Universal mounting kit
7.25" W x 9.25" D x 16.5" H (18.4 W x 23.5 D x 41.9 H cm)
44 lbs. (20 kg)
Bends platter, damages heads, motor and circuit board
8 seconds or less
1 year with extended warranty available. Lifetime warranty on blade/bender.

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