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Proton 2070 Degausser Eraser

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Артикул: Proton 2070
For floppy diskette and data cartridge control.

Completely degausses: ZIP 100 MB & 250 MB, Travan TR-3 (4/8 GB) TR-#, TR-1, 4 & 8 mm DLT, all 3"½ and 5"¼ floppys, 120 MB Super Floppy, Jazz 1 & 2 GB Disks, RDAT 4 & 8 mm, all Phillips-type cassettes, CLIK disks, Magnus ¼ carts, Standard ¼ data carts, and any Type I, II or III media.

The Proton 2070 is a safe, shielded device.
Unlike other degaussers with "bare" magnets, the 2070 cannot accidentally ruin other magnetic media that may be near. The 2070 does not require a skilled operator to insure proper declassification of the target data. A simple pass through the 2070 insures complete, effective erasure.

Technical Specifications
Case Material:
Media Capacity:
Power Req:
Erasure level:
Magnetic Flux Density (G):
Magnetic Field Intensity (Oe)

Tempered Steel
8"¾L x 3"½H x 9"½W
22 lbs.
5.75" wide and less than 1.187" thick
NONE - Fixed High Energy Magnetic Field
-90 db or better coercivity (Type III density) below peak write level
12,000 Gauss
4,000 Oe


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