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Verity Systems V660 HDD Evo Hard Drive Degausser/Tape Eraser

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Артикул: Verity Systems V660
V660 HDD Evo Hard Drive Degausser/Tape Eraser with Infrared Remote control

he V660 HDD Evo is a high energy, degausser especially designed to eliminate all data from computer, laptop and server hard drives. The V660 will also erase data from high coercivity tape, including LTO, DLT, Super DLT, AIT and more. Hard drives are completely erased in less than 20 seconds, making it the fastest hard drive degausser available.

Hard disc drives are placed on the V660 HDD EVO Hard Drive Degausser eraser within the special adapter, the lid is closed and the degauss button pressed. To meet the latest NCNIRP Magnetic Exposure Safety Guidelines, the V660 HDD EVO Hard Drive Degausser can be operated remotely via the infrared control. The unit can also be locked in the manual or remote operation position by removing the key.

Key Features

~ Quick and reliable hands-free degaussing
~ Erases high coercivity hard drives & tape
~ 7000 peak gauss field
~ Manual or remote control operation
~ 20 seconds for complete hard drive erasure
~ 3 year warranty - upgradeable to 5 years
~ FREE lifetime technical support
~ Optional Transport Case Available


Media Handling: Hard Drives: 1.8”, 2½”, 3½” and 5¼” PC (up to 2 TB)
DLT Tapes: Super DLT I, II & III, DLT IV-VSL, S-DLT, LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4; LTO5, 9840; 9940
Other media erased: ½” Computer Tape; Diskettes – single/boxed; DC 600, 2000; TK50, 70, 85, 3480/3490E/ 3590/3590E; 4mm; 8mm; Exabyte; Travan; DLT; DAT; ZIP Disk; Ultrium
Power Supply: 220 ~ 240v 50Hz / 208 ~ 220v 60Hz
Current Rating: 9 amps typical
Degaussing Force: 7000 peak gauss
Duty Cycle: Non-continuous
Dimensions (WxHxD): with lid shut 16.5” x 6” x 19” (42cm x 15cm x 48cm)
Weight: 62lbs (28kg)
Packed Dimensions (WxHxD): 53cm x 65cm x 27cm
Throughput: 20 hard drives per hour typical
Controls: On/Off
Manual/Remote Key switch
Indicators: On/Off erase field
Coil power supply warning light
Transport Case: Available
Warranty: 36 months back to base, all parts & labour included
60 month warranty option available

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