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Verity Systems V92 Tape Eraser/Degausser

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Артикул: Verity Systems V92
V92 Compact high-energy Tape Eraser / Degausser

The V92 Tapemaster DLT Degausser is a powerful, inexpensive high energy eraser available for users who require an efficient and powerful multiple media degausser.

For its size, the V92 has a very high gauss rating of 4,000 gauss and erases all LTO tape, as well as DVC Pro, 4 mm and 8 mm, Hi 8, QIC-DC 600, 2000, TK50, 70, 85, DLT, 3480/3490E/3590E, 4mm/8mm /Exabyte/Travan.

The V92 Digi Tapemaster manual degausser provides a truly universal, desk-top, magnetic media degauss facility that meets the needs of a diverse range of user groups using a wide range of audio, video and computer tapes, and cassettes.

Includes a 3 year 'Return to base' warranty as standard which can be extended to 5 years.

Key Features:

~ The ultimate OFFICE degausser
~ High energy compact degausser
~ Suitable for most media formats
~ Quick and simple to operate
~ Erases tapes in as little as 10 seconds
~ Easily transportable
~ 3 year warranty - upgradeable to 5 years
~ FREE lifetime technical support


Media Handling:
Broadcast & Video: DVC Pro; Hi-8; Beta
Data Diskettes: QIC-DC 600, 2000; TK50, 70, 85; DLT; 3480/3490/3590 ; 4mm; 8mm; Exabyte; Taravan, Super DLT I, II and III; Ultrium LT01, LT02 & LT03; DLT IV-VSL
Power Supply:
220 ~ 250v 50Hz / 110 ~ 115v 60Hz
Current Rating:
9 amps typical (50Hz) / 12 amps typical (60Hz)
Degaussing Force:
4000 peak gauss
Erasure Depth:
-75db on 1500 oe tape
-90db on 750oe tape
Duty Cycle:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
6"x 10.5" x 13.5" (154mm x x270mm x 340mm)
34lbs (15.5kg)
Up to 180 cassettes/cartridges per hour typical
Security Key
Degauss Switch
Foot Switch
"Degauss" on field
On/Off erase field
Coil power supply warning light
36 months back to base, all parts & labour included
60 month warranty option available

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