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Maxell Картридж DDS-3 12/24Gb 125m для DAT24 i/e

Цена: 1290 руб

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Артикул: Maxell DDS-3 DAT24

Product Description
The Maxell DDS-3 (HS-4/125) 4mm cartridge has a nominal capacity of 12GB with a compressed capacity of 24GB. Maxell has developed an advanced 4mm data cartridge for high capacity data storage. To protect the fine metal particles in the magnetic layer of the tape Maxell has patented a ceramic coating process which acts as a protective armor against heat humidity and eventual oxidation. The result is a tape durable enough to withstand at least 2 000
passes with an archival life of up to 30 years.

Technical Specs
Type - Storage media - DAT
Media Included Qty - 1
Native Capacity - 12 GB
Compressed Capacity - 24 GB
Recording Standard - DDS-3
Service & Support - Lifetime warranty

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