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Imation Black Watch - 30 x 3480 210 MB

Цена: 35790 руб

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Артикул: Imation 30 3480
Imation Black Watch - 30 x 3480 210 MB

Imation Black Watch - 30 x 3480 210 MB

Accurate, reliable tape backup
Imation Black Watch™ and Imation Royal Guard™ 3480, 3490E, and 3490EL Cartridges are designed to help 3480 and 3490 tape drives meet your high-performance data center requirements. For accurate and reliable tape backup and archiving of your data, choose Imation cartridges.


  • Up to 1GB capacity
  • Proprietary backcoating protects against damage & absorbs debris
  • Precision tape spooling ensures even tape winding & improved tape stacking
  • Deep recessed label area & finger grips make cartridges easy to store & handle
  • Exclusive FlashGard™ welding process traps debris & isolates it from the tape pack
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