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Imation Black Watch 9840 - 20 x 9840 20 GB

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Артикул: Imation 9840
Imation Black Watch 9840 - 20 x 9840 20 GB

Imation Black Watch 9840 - 20 x 9840 20 GB

Combining expertise in drive & media technologies
Make Imation Black Watch™ 9840 Tape Cartridges an integral part of your data management solution. Featuring a revolutionary, completely internal tape path design and a familiar 3480-based form factor, the 9840 half-inch tape cartridge draws on Imation's over 50-year history in half-inch tape manufacturing and development. And, with a fast average access time of 12 seconds, you can count on network-friendly speed combined with enterprise-strength reliability.

Access, capacity and reliability:

  • Exclusively co-developed with StorageTek
  • Sustained transfer rates up to 30MB/sec (native) in T9840C drive; 10MB/sec in T9840A drive; 19MB/sec in T9840B drive
  • 40GB uncompressed for T9840C drive; 20GB uncompressed capacity for T9840A and T9840B drives
  • Average access time of 12 seconds (based on average first access, including load time)
  • Fast load times, factory-recorded servo tracks, & easy automation
  • Imation proprietary backcoating protects against static electricity, impressions, & scratches
  • Absorbs debris safely to decrease chance of errors
  • Minimizes inter-layer slippage for uniform signal output
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